Don't you know how to furnish your apartment?

We know it!

It's simpler than you think. Even simpler than standing in traffic jams to reach the furniture store and purchase ready-made furniture, which then have to be put together, and these often do not fit perfectly or need modification.


Just one phone call from you and two steps carried out together with you are enough to begin:


Do not worry, your participation in the entire project is voluntary. It will allow us to understand all your needs and refine everything in the smallest details. Even without your participation in the project, we guarantee satisfaction with the final result.

1: Project


Together with you, we prepare the outline of the project. After accepting the price and terms of the contract, we prepare a professional project. Then once again, you will need to accept each of its parts separately.


We use double control at every stage of the project, to avoid mistakes or possible misunderstandings on a large scale of the project.

2: Execution


When the final project is ready we proceed to its implementation. Also here, we do not do everything at once, only one element at once, consulting with you the correctness of the process and the placement of individual parts.

In this way, we not only maintain order in our workplace and at the same time in your home, but also in the initial phase of cooperation, we confirm our professionalism.

Our propositions

Below we present a photo gallery of furniture made by us. For more detailed information, please visit our department Portfolio.

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